35 years of experience from the developing markets
Finnfund is a development financier which builds a sustainable world by investing in responsible and profitable businesses in developing countries.

They provide businesses operating in developing countries with risk capital, long-term investment loans, mezzanine financing and expertise on how to invest in the developing markets.

They expect our projects to be profitable, socially and environmentally responsible and produce measurable development impact in their target countries.

They put special emphasis on sectors that are critical to sustainable development, such as clean energy, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture and financial services, but we do invest in other sectors as well.

Finnfund invests in businesses that drive sustainable development, whether they are companies are already operational or in the process of being set up.

Every year, they make 20-30 new investments worth 150-200 million euros. At the end of 2017, Finnfund’s investments and commitments in 171 projects in 39 countries, totaling 719 million euros.

Sustainable forestry

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, FAO, estimates that in Africa alone, over two million hectares of forests is lost every year. Population growth, urbanisation and a growing middle-class adds pressure on the remaining natural forests.

Sustainable, responsible forestry is one key way to curb de-forestation and climate change. In for example Africa, it can already be seen that the timber produced through sustainable plantations is easing the pressure on natural forests.

Finnfund invests in commercial plantations and related industries, such saw mills and plywood mills.

At present Finnfund has invested some 100 million euros in ten forestry companies and funds.

Ilkka Norjamäki
Forester, Investment Manager

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