Country Resource Mobilization Partnership Strategies


FfD develops Country Resource Mobilization Partnership Strategies (CRMPS) by analyzing source of revenues for the country, public expenditures, assets and potential avenues for mobilizing capital for development.

  • Platform for Development Planners
    FfD undertakes analysis and migration of best practices in national development planning across countries. Examples of national development plans and what has worked would be valuable to other development planners to apply lessons to their own countries.
  • Country Development Investor Presentations
    While countries have begun the process of presenting the pipeline of projects for investment, FfD advises on preparation of cutting-edge investor oriented presentations. FfD is an Advisor as it sees the breadth of the marketplace. While individual countries know their investment pipelines best, FfD is able to advise on trends and investors active across the development finance landscape.
  • Public-Private Alliances
    FfD undertakes advisory mandates to set up Public-Private Alliances in both donor and recipient countries of development finance and the benefits of such alliances. This kind of collaborative councils would serve to effectively vet proposals for investments into the country.


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