Innovative Finance


FFD Ventures has a think-tank arm on Innovative Finance and tracks and reports on new innovative financing instruments for resource mobilisation.

Innovative financing was first raised at the Monterrey Conference in 2002 and refers to mechanisms that generate additional resources for official development assistance.

Our Blog reflects our research on innovative financing mechanisms and funders.


Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi)

The objective of We-Fi is to address financial and non-financial constraints faced by women-owned/ led small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in IDA and IBRD eligible countries and territories. We-Fi aims to achieve this by mobilizing more than US$1 billion in commercial and international financial institution finance for entities that provide women entrepreneurs with access to debt, equity, venture capital, insurance products, capacity building, networks and mentors, and opportunities to link with domestic and global markets, and for governments to improve the business environment for women-owned/led SMEs.