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Source: The Poop Loop by SOIL HAITI

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EkoLakay – the eco-toilet

SOIL’s EkoLakay toilets are an innovative service, which creates new revenue sources throughout the process. For around USD 5 a month, a Haitian family can rent a toilet, which is built by local companies using local materials.

In many developing countries, sanitation services are provided by private companies and are a luxury that is not accessible to the majority of the population. The technology used is highly water-intensive and often leads to pathogenic waste being spilled in deprived neighbourhoods and aquatic ecosystems. “In Haiti, more than 99% of organic human waste is not treated, which has devastating consequences for the environment and public health,” explains Sasha Kramer, co-founder of Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL). Sasha Kramer is one of five young social entrepreneurs who benefit every year from the SDC’s support in Latin America. Her company SOIL works to promote health and sustainable livelihoods through the use of eco-toilets in Haiti. Her main business focuses on the ‘poop loop’, a process that transforms human organic waste into compost. SOIL builds waterless toilets that are accessible to all. They even work in densely populated areas with poor infrastructure.

Social entrepreneurs develop solutions based on their perceptions of local needs. “SOIL’s vision is of a world where everyone has access to decent sanitation facilities and where human organic waste is no longer a public health issue, but rather an environmental solution. We believe that, in working to realise this vision, not only can we improve public health and soil fertility, but also build livelihoods in the field of sanitation, thus making job creation the main result of providing such local services,” explains Sasha Kramer. In ten years, her business has become a recognised organisation, which received donations from all over the world for the relief operations in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

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