SDG 12 Social Entrepreneurs

<p class="heading"DRIP TECH INC

We specialises in ‘affordable drip irrigation solutions’ for small farm holders. The company’s unique innovation of Laser punched Driptape delivers the benefit of drip irrigation technology at much lower costs than the traditional systems. Our approach is an innovative schooling model providing cost effective higher learning outcomes at scale


Our mission is to take this new affordable drip irrigation technology to all farmers across the globe and help its adoption, and thereby contributing towards sustainable agriculture resulting in water saving, food security and above all making agriculture by small farm holders profitable.


They want to be a market leader within India and Globally, as they are providing solutions to the rural small farm holders.


They want to be better positioned within the Indian market, as not only are they providing solutions to small farm owners they have recently divulged into customizable solutions which can help optimize farming for not only the small but also the large scale farmers.


  • Showcasing their solution to better position themselves as a market leader.
  • Connecting with the respective government authorities to enable long-term sustainable contracts.
Founders: Peter Frykman
Products/Services: Affordable Drip Irrigation for Small-Plot Farmers
Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Pune, India
Status: Incorporated
Industry Sector: Drip Irrigation
Current Funders: Westlake Chemical Corporation, Khosla Impact


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