SDG 4 Innovative Financing Instruments


Education is the only real tool to empower people to lead better lives. Therefore, provision of basic and higher education along with vocational training is a must and a human right.


L.E.A.D Uganda, a non-profit, has had remarkable success turning marginalized and traumatized African girls and boys who have been affected by war, AIDS, and poverty into leaders. Dr. Muyingo endorses our efforts, “L.E.A.D Uganda is preparing morally upright, academically very strong, and responsible leaders for this country.”

The children L.E.A.D Uganda serves — former child soldiers, abducted girls, child laborers, street kids, AIDS orphans, and youth living in child-headed families — maintain 1st grades (A averages) at elite boarding schools and go on to receive scholarships to top universities in Uganda, India, and the United States. They are being trained in areas vital to Uganda’s development such as pharmacy (the country has only 300 pharmacists), aquaculture (a growing industry), information technology, and business. Upon graduation, our students start businesses and employ people.

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