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EU Proposes Partnership to find ingenious water solutions

The European Commission announced a partnership that seeks to tackle challenges in the areas of urban, rural and industrial water management. The European Innovation Partnership on Water seeks to bring together different actors to identify and support innovative solutions to water-related challenges worldwide. These actors include those from the private sector, research community, financial sector and local governments, and those working in the water industry.

The partnership aims to remove barriers that hinder innovations on water, establish a Web-based marketplace for water innovations and scale up successful solutions. This is to ensure sufficient supply of water and, in the process, help position the region as a leader in the area of water innovation and technology.

This is a welcome initiative to address the growing imbalance in the demand and supply of water, much like the U.S. Water Partnership announced in March. A U.N. report says 40 percent of the world’s population will experience water stress by 2050. It will follow a Strategic Implementation Plan to be drafted by a task force appointed by the high-level steering group. The group will be composed of European commissioners, member state representatives, the European Parliament and other stakeholders.

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