SDG 7 Social Entrepreneurs


Bidgely is working to solve one of the biggest challenges in energy: enabling utilities to meet their demand-side energy goals by fully engaging and satisfying their customers.


Deliver this technology to millions of households across the world and help save energy on a massive scale.


There are 5.6 billion people with access to electricity across the world today, and this will only continue to grow. We want to be the engine for every household everywhere to understand their energy usage and make informed decisions that are good for their pocketbooks and good for the planet. 


To garner access to the Indian Market, and begin to capture an increased market share in comparison to its competitors.


They are currently trying to penetrate the Indian market, they are mostly prevalent in N.America and Europe. Now they are beginning to look to access 50 Mn new households in India.


  • Bidgely is looking for investments (20 Cr) to enhance it’s India presence. The products they are looking to release are: the energy monitor is an energy tracking device fitted with the utility meter. It syncs with the web and mobile platform to provide real-time energy consumption data to customers. The cloud-based app HomeBeat Agent acts as a customer support interface that helps utilities to resolve billing disputes.
  • They are also looking to establish alliances with other Private Sector Players as well as the Government sector to begin to roll out their solutions throughout India.
Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, USA
Status: Private
Industry Sector: Renewable Energy, Multi-Utilities
Revenues: $3 Mn
Current Investors: E.ON, RWE, Khosla Ventures, Constellation Technology Ventures
Founders: Abhay Gupta, Vivek Garud
Funding Rounds: Series B
Products/Services: HomeBeat


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